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Crazy Goat Creative was born on July 12, 2017 by the fusion of two companies. Glowstone Studios and Whisper Leaf Studios. Whisper Leaf Studios was founded on dicember the 1st, 2016.

It was a team conformed by young business managers. Despite the short time as a company, Whisper Leaf Studios launched it’s first game named “Time Bob” for iOS and Android. Glowstone Studios was founded on May 8, 2015.On july of that year, the company made a contract with CPHM (Known as the “Corporación de Conservación y Difusión del Patrimonio Histórico Militar de Chile”) to create a videogame about the War of the Pacific, giving birth to the game “Diario de un Héroe” (a hero’s diary). On March 2017, “Diario de un Héroe” recieves the title of “best educational game of 2016” by the videogame business guild VG Chile.

Move over chickens, and make way for the goats. Just as it has become increasingly popular to keep chickens in America's backyards, more people are raising goats on city and suburban lots.

Jennie Grant, a Seattle goat keeper who Time magazine dubbed the godmother of goat lovers, has had a hand in making that happen. Grant founded the Goat Justice League in 2007 to advocate for legalizing dairy goats in Seattle. That effort led to successful campaigns to legalize goats in Long Beach, California, and the Twin Cities. While Grant said the league is not as active as it once was, she continues to maintain the group's website as a way to offer advice about backyard goat keeping and to provide information about how to change local ordinances that ban goats. Grant has also written a book, "City Goats, the Goat Justice League's Guide to Backyard Goat Keeping," that provides how-to advice for keeping goats in residential communities. It also includes a chapter about how to legalize goats where ordinances prohibit them.

Check on codes :

Check on codes. The first thing to do is to find out if your county, municipality or homeowners association allows goats where you live. Ordinances and regulations can include terms such as agriculture, livestock or nuisance animals, language that can be confusing even to seasoned government officials. Be sure to check noise ordinances in your research as some breeds of goats and males that have not been neutered can be loud at times. "Un-neutered males also can be very smelly and should not be kept in a densely populated area due to their poor hygiene habits," Grant emphasized.

You can't have just one. This was something Austin, Texas, urban farmers Jennie Peterson and her husband, Brett Davis, learned through an unexpected experience. Their landscape crew — she is a landscape designer, he is a landscape contractor — showed up with a terrified male goat trussed up in the back of their pickup in October 2012. "Somebody gave him to them, and they all live in apartments," Peterson said. "They wanted to eat him for Christmas dinner, so they brought him to our place to keep" until it was time to come back and get him. Peterson and her husband already had chickens, ducks and a pot belly pig, so they figured how much trouble could it be to keep a goat for a couple of months. "I had heard from so many people that goats are really friendly, but ours wasn't," said Peterson. "So I started asking people on Facebook and Twitter … we have this weird goat. Why's he acting so strange?" That's when she got her answer. "Of course, it never occurred to me that goats are herd animals. You need to have two or more. They don't feel safe and secure when there's just one goat." A single goat also may express its unhappiness by frequent and loud bleating.

Know the method behind your madness! Before you get goats, be sure to ask yourself why you want to take on the responsibility of caring for them. Is it to ensure a fresh and steady supply of dairy products such as milk, or to make cheese or yogurt? (This is very doable.) To have as pets for you or your children? (Also doable.) To slaughter for meat? (This will work — unless you give them a name, see No. 5!) To mow down unwanted vegetation? (You will probably be disappointed — or worse if they escape and eat the roses of your neighbor, especially if that person happens to be the blue-ribbon champion of the local rose society.)

4. Choose a breed that meets your needs. Goats that stay small at maturity are smart choices for backyard environments, Grant said. For localities that have a weight limit on goats in residential neighborhoods, the two kinds that Grant says will stay under 100 pounds are mini la Manchas and mini Oberhaslis. Both of these breeds are excellent for producing milk, said Grant. Be sure there is a stud buck of the breed you choose in your area. One of the surprises that people often experience when they start raising goats is that the females have to bear kids to produce milk, Grant said. Pygmy goats make great pets for people with no interests in getting milk from their goats, she added. If one of your goals for raising goats is for dairy, Grant advises against getting a male. "It's far more economical to just bring your doe to a stud buck when it is time to breed," she said, adding that only serious goat keepers who know what they are doing should keep intact males. Accidental breeding when females are too young to breed or inbreeding can lead to serious health consequences for mothers and babies.

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